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Car Loans Australia Articles

Step 1 -- How To Deal With Your Creditors

However far you are along the road of financial/debt problems, the same principles apply to dealing with your creditors.

However rude, intrusive, threatening the correspondence/telephone calls FROM your creditors, your correspondence/phone calls TO your creditors must be:

* Calm
* Brief
* Factual
* Relevant
* To the point

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You must create the impression that you are efficient, knowledgeable and trustworthy. The person dealing with your correspondence is merely doing their job, which is acting on behalf of their employer -- to whom you probably owe money. This person probably has the opposite point of view from you, but it is not personal and you must not let it become so.

Just as you would, this individual will respond better to a person who appears to be calm, and believable, and know what they are doing.

How can you appear calm and believable, efficient, knowledgeable and trustworthy, when you possibly owe more than you can afford and have probably made past mistakes? The answer is that your past history is less important to the person dealing with your account than your present attitude and what that promises for the future.

That is not to say that what you have done in the past has no relevance, or that you can go on to make promises you don't keep - far from it. However, if you acknowledge your current problems, explain your past mistakes if required, and most important of all, do everything you say you will do from now on, you CAN improve your relationship and situation with your creditors.

If you react with anger, if you are agressive, if you fail to keep your promises, you will merely make your problems worse.

Be calm, be prepared, and make these all-important first steps work in your favour.

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